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Dean RevellManaging Director B.Sc (Agric.) PhD

Dr Dean Revell is an agricultural scientist with 25 years experience in research in animal nutrition and metabolism, grazing systems, animal behaviour and plant-animal interactions. Dean was previously a principal research scientist at CSIRO in Perth and, before that, worked in animal science at The University of Adelaide, Massey University in New Zealand, The University of Western Australia, and the Rowett Research Institute in Scotland. He is currently an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Western Australia. Dean has published about 150 papers, including 18 reviews and six book chapters.

In 2014, Dr Dean Revell established his own business, Revell Science, to provide a direct link between research and its application by land managers. He has worked with regional NRM and producer groups, and collaborates with scientists in Australia and overseas on projects for the pastoral and agricultural industries.

Dean established and co-led the Eureka Award-winning ‘Enrich’ project that explored grazing systems suited to Australia’s conditions, by using native perennial shrubs in a diverse feed base. He also co-developed Rangelands Self Herding, which is a suite of methods based on nutrition and behaviour to influence livestock grazing patterns.

Dean is motivated by the ingenuity and innovation of producers and is interested in developing and supporting new options for livestock management to sustain livelihoods and landscapes in variable environments. These interests continue with his role in Select Carbon where he takes a lead role in designing and supporting systems that integrate grazing management and carbon farming for the benefit of landholders and the natural resource base of our rangelands.

Charles MaxwellDirector

In 2010, Charles founded Select Carbon, which has since gone on to successfully develop a number of carbon projects under the CFI and ERF. Charles is a trained forester with a strong knowledge of carbon farming and carbon markets. In his role, he currently oversees a team of technical specialists working on the implementation of land based carbon projects under the ERF. Charles has also been responsible for the development of Select Carbon’s Biochar business which focuses on converting woody waste to Biochar for use in local agricultural soils.

Charles has a strong interest in sustainable agricultural systems and the important role of reintroducing trees back into our landscape for both environmental and commercial outcomes. Charles has worked on numerous carbon farming feasibility assessments for landholders, Indigenous organisations, as well as working for the Victorian Government at VicForests as an Operational Planning Forester before pursuing his interests in carbon farming and climate change.

Charles holds a Bachelor of Forest Science (Hons), 2006 from The University of Melbourne.

He is a member of the Institute of Foresters of Australia.

Nick JamesIn-house Counsel

Nick James is a solicitor with over 15 years’ experience, who since December 2011 has worked as in-house Counsel or legal consultant to a number of highly active CFI/Emissions Reduction Fund carbon project developers, before settling with Select Carbon.

Nick’s carbon industry experience includes co-founding ‘Optim Legal’, a Sydney based law firm that focused on the carbon/cleantech space and counted among its clients a selection of Australia’s leading carbon companies. As Managing Director, Nick’s role in the firm lead to his inclusion in ‘Sydney’s 100 Most Influential People in 2010’ by the (sydney) magazine in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Nick’s role with Select Carbon involves, advising on the Emissions Reduction Fund Legislation, devising legal strategy, corresponding with government regulators and preparing contractual documents as well as working on general Select Carbon legal matters.

Nick has a first class honours law degree from the University of Melbourne, and prior to working in the carbon industry was a solicitor at two of Australia’s top-tier law firms (Allens and Freehills) as well as being an associate to Justice Michael Kirby at the Australian High Court.

Nathan MooreField Operations Manager

Nathan first became involved with Select Carbon as a science student in early 2016, volunteering his time to undertake field work in the rangeland areas of NSW and QLD. Since that time Nathan has become heavily involved in the ongoing management and field monitoring programs of Select Carbon’s projects in Western NSW, QLD and the recent expansion of projects in Western Australia.

Working from an early age in the family nursery Nathan developed skills and knowledge in horticulture, agriculture, commercial landscaping and natural landscape restoration. Later becoming involved in a range of projects from Charleville to Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

The growth of carbon projects in Australia aligned well with an interest in restoring landscape function and the need to increase rural community development as a Charleville local. Nathan’s interest in climate science created an opportunity to work with landholders, potentially allowing increased productivity and the ability to generate supplementary streams of revenue in rural areas.

Nathan is based in Brisbane to support projects on both sides of the country and to further develop project opportunities. Nathan holds a Bachelor of Environmental Science from the Central Queensland University, focusing on Land Management through the study of ecology, botany, biology, geology and climate science.

Costa KontosCarbon Farming Project Manager

Costa‘s role involves the day to day management of carbon projects which includes stakeholder
management, auditing, project reporting, field work and contract management.

During his time with Select Carbon he has worked and lived in outback areas such Charleville and Bourke getting to know the people and regions integral to carbon farming, you may find him regularly travelling to these regional areas to conduct field work.

Currently based in Launceston he enjoys working in the outdoors and is passionate about ensuring positive outcomes for the
environment and local communities.

Costa brings many years of experience in native forest management, previously working in vegetation assessments, strategic planning, inventory, and GIS throughout Victoria within the commercial forest industry.

Bachelor of Forest Science from the University of Melbourne 2006.

Clinton AyresGrazing & Pastoral Management

Clinton completed his studies in Agribusiness at Marcus Oldham College in NSW before working his way across Queensland, the Northern Territory and Western Australia. He has owned and operated his own family farms in Wagin and Arthur River in Western Australia for 30 years.  The farms were mixed enterprises, with a focus and passion on producing Merino wool whilst building the perennial grass base and soil carbon. He was a key founding member of the ‘Bugs and Biology’ producer group.

Clint has worked on pastoral properties in the Pilbara, Gascoyne and Murchison region, and brings an extensive experience in pastoral cattle management. He has worked on a station-wide project in the Murchison/Gascoyne region to improve water retention, grass cover, water infiltration and soil health. And he has been involved in setting up cattle backgrounding operations and working to link pastoral turn-off to backgrounding and finishing in the agricultural regions.

Clinton is motivated to help land managers to become more profitable, lower their risks, and build the natural capital of their land through grazing management. He brings a high level of practical livestock management and whole-farm and whole-station management to the Select Carbon team

Stephane GoldsteinSpatial Systems & Compliance

Stephane undertakes all GIS analysis at Select Carbon and manages complex datasets to help Select Carbon monitor land-use change and forest cover over time.

To date, Stephane had been involved with a number of Avoided Deforestation and Human Induced Regrowth projects and has been a major contributor to the long-term development of effective management and monitoring plans for each of Select Carbon’s carbon projects.

Stephane holds the below qualifications:
Master of Science (Geographic Information Systems – Technologies and Applications), 2014 from the Universidade de Lisboa

Master of Science (Ecology and Environmental Management), 2011 from the Universidade de Lisboa

Bachelor of Science (Environmental Chemistry and Management), 2006 from the Université de Provence (Aix-Marseille I)

Emma GrayGIS Data Analyst

Dr Emma Gray’s background is in ecological science, but nowadays she can be more accurately described as a data scientist. At Select Carbon she undertakes GIS and data analysis to monitor forest cover change over time.

Her previous works includes:
– PhD research (Macquarie University in Sydney) with fieldwork across savannas in Australia, South Africa and Brazil, investigating how plant species have developed adaptations to different environmental factors including climate, fire and herbivory;
– Masters research (University of Cape Town) on how vegetation change in savanna areas impacts soil carbon stocks and biodiversity;
– Monitoring long term environmental change research at the South African Environmental Observation Network
– Data analyst for the NSW Department of Education
– Data scientist for business intelligence company Ixio Analytics
– Analyst for the Western Australian Economic Regulation Authority.

Select Carbon lured her back into the environmental sector, where her unique blend of ecological expertise and statistical proficiency helps to maintain the high standard of reporting that Select Carbon prides itself on.

Emma’s formal qualifications include an Honours in Zoology, a Masters in Botany, and a PhD in Biological Sciences

Courtney MartinoProject Management & Reporting; Pastoral Grazing Systems

Courtney graduated with Honours in Animal Science from Murdoch University, WA, and also holds a Diploma of Project Management (North Metropolitan TAFE).

Prior to joining Select Carbon, Courtney managed a number of livestock-based projects for the West Midlands Group, which is a producer group in the northern agricultural region of WA. Her work included coordination of activities related to ‘north-south’ partnerships, with pastoral cattle being sent to the agricultural region for backgrounding and finishing. Courtney’s interests span meat science, feedbase and nutrition, using improved stockmanship for production and welfare outcomes, and project management.

With Select Carbon, Courtney helps coordinate and manage projects across the southern rangelands of WA, with specialist skills in using technology to improve project reporting. Courtney is motivated to help ensure carbon projects complement and enhance pastoral grazing businesses.

Samantha AndersonProject Management; Soil Health & Carbon

Growing up on the land, Samantha Anderson developed a strong passion and appreciation for livestock and the grazing industry from an early age.

She completed a Bachelor of Agriculture with the University of Melbourne, completing an honours project with the University of New England in her final year.
Her professional career has focused on production and commercial developments within the agricultural industry as well as the practical and economic implementation. From investment management through to regenerative management consulting, and managing a property, she has extensive knowledge and breadth of experience within the agriculture industry.

Sam’s desire to improve management and production with little inputs, using the resources around you, has been the driver that led her to work in the area of soil health and carbon.

Being involved in the soil carbon sector for a some years now, Samantha has assisted a number of producers to improve their soil health and participate in one of Australia’s fastest developing markets: carbon. She joins Select Carbon with enthusiasm and drive to scope, develop and support agricultural and rangeland carbon projects.

Jennifer WestSoil Carbon Farming

Jennifer’s experience spans journalism, publishing, business and farming.

After starting her journalism career in WA, Jennifer moved to Hong Kong to further her media experience. During her 6 years in Asia, Jen acquired a small publishing company and launched a China-Australia business magazine, China Connections, in 2000. After the sale of her business in 2004, Jen married Rob Staniforth-Smith, had two children, and moved to Boyup Brook to manage part of a family farm.

Her passion for regenerative agriculture, and sound understanding of economic realities, has fuelled Jen’s interest in carbon sequestration opportunities for farmers. With a focus on soil, Jennifer has strong knowledge of the carbon farming methodologies available, the challenges presented, and the exciting opportunities available in this space.

Jennifer also holds board positions on three Western Australian not-for-profit organisations.

Max BryantChairman

Max is CEO of Bryant Constructions and is a strong supporter of sustainable forestry and development in northern Australia. Max has over 40 years’ experience in the building industry predominantly in North Queensland. His main areas of expertise are in the design and construction of major developments, including prefabricated and modular housing, and project management.

As Chairman of Select Carbon, Max brings a wealth of business experience and has excellent industry networks which he able to use to ensure the success of each project executed by the company.

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