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We would like to inform you about the personal data collected about you by Select Carbon Proprietary Limited, a company within the Shell group of companies (‘Shell’), for which purposes and your rights in this respect.

This Privacy Notice may be supplemented by local/additional notices.

Shell has adopted Binding Corporate Rules which provide a privacy compliance framework which has been approved by the Dutch Data Protection Authority such that Shell companies are able to lawfully transfer personal data to other companies within the Shell group in compliance with EU data protection law.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns related to the processing of your personal data – contact details are provided below.

partnering with select carbon technology

Information for individuals connected with our business customers (B2B), suppliers, business partners, stakeholders and/or investors.

selecting for carbon rangelands wa sampling

Information for individuals who apply to work for, or who attend a recruitment event or undertake an assessment with Select Carbon.

Select Carbon - Your Carbon Farming Partner

Information for individuals who are or were employees, interns or individual contractors as well as dependents of Select Carbon employees.