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We use innovative science and technology to partner with farmers and pastoralists to develop, support and manage carbon farming projects across Australia – helping producers consider production, profitability and landscape health.

Media Release

Strategic partnership to unlock benefits of carbon projects for Australian farmers

Australia, June 2, 2023 – Farming businesses will be able to explore the potential benefits of carbon farming and design and implement projects following a new partnership between Delta Agribusiness Group and Select Carbon.

Good for the environment.
Great for business.

Select Carbon specialise in a range of carbon farming projects to meet the needs of Australia’s diverse farming systems.  

We support farmers to implement management practices appropriate to their landscape constraints which optimise production and generate high integrity, verifiable carbon credits. 

Explore the various types of carbon farming below to discover how they could benefit your farming system.

Our impact

“A carbon project provides financial reward for managing the place with the goal of encouraging regeneration.”

Promoting ecosystems health on Edah while returning it to a profitable and productive business.

Millions of hectares managed

Farmer owned carbon credits

Australia wide

Adding carbon into your farming business

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Embarking on a carbon project can offer a multitude of benefits, all while maintaining or increasing your farm’s productivity.  Benefits can include: 

  • building farm resilience,
  • increasing landscape health,
  • generating an additional income stream,
  • access to support and data throughout the life of your project,
  • positioning yourself for new and emerging markets.

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Select Carbon can provide practical management options which allow you to integrate carbon farming into your business. We help you determine whether a carbon project is a worthwhile option for you to explore.

Enquire below to talk to our expert staff and discover how a carbon project can work for you.

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Why partner with Select Carbon

Select Carbon is an experienced and trusted carbon service provider. We are an end-to-end business which designs, registers, and manages carbon projects so you can concentrate on what you do best. 

Our diverse team of skilled agricultural, environmental and soil scientists, agronomists, and data scientists work with producers and their advisors to design evidence-based strategies that improve profitability, sustainability, and participation in carbon markets while minimising risks.  

Select Carbon is driven by science: we are actively involved in research and development and strive to deliver strong outcomes for farmers.

We have extensive coverage across Australia with hands-on experience supporting various carbon projects in a diverse range of production systems.  Built off the back of strong working relationships with farmers over the past decade, Select Carbon and our project partners continue to build collectively on our commitment to restore and improve landscape function.

The power of carbon farming

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