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We are an innovative environmental services company that has been inspired to work with Australian producers to fulfill our vision. We specialise in developing, supporting and managing carbon farming projects throughout Australia.

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Carbon farming suits landholders who are looking for flexibility and are committed to a holistic approach within their business. Carbon farming offers multiple benefits including diversifying income, building landscape resilience and increasing production opportunities.

Carbon Farming Projects

Select Carbon can assist companies to reduce their carbon footprint and develop holistic solutions. Carbon farming offers companies various benefits including the creation of real, long term change and commitment to ESG policies.

Corporate Solutions

“A carbon project provides financial reward for managing the place with the goal of encouraging regeneration.”

Promoting ecosystems health on Edah while returning it to a profitable and productive business.

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How can carbon farming benefit you?

Land Owners

Diversify your Income

An additional enterprise and income stream in the adoption of a carbon farming project enhances the opportunities within your business.

Increase Drought Resilience

Improved soil and landscape health leads to greater resilience within the system, including to wind, drought and floods.

Regenerate your Land

Increased groundcover, nutrient cycling and productivity within enterprises are all benefits that accompany a carbon farming project.

Improve Biodiversity and Productivity

With the increase in landscape health and productivity within agriculture enterprises the biodiversity within the property is enhanced, as is the carrying capacity and yield potential.

Start Now

Steps to becoming a carbon farmer

There are a number of key steps required to conduct an Emissions Reduction Fund project, we have collated then into an easy to follow graphic.

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Corporate Solutions

Helping companies become Carbon Neutral

It is often difficult to decide how to prioritise actions and to assess which approaches provide the best environmental and financial outcomes. Select Carbon can assist with the development of a plan and the correct steps for your business.

The power of carbon farming

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