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Select Carbon staff can assist you with a number of other methods aimed at sequestering carbon.

Select Carbon can assist landholders with several other methods available under the ERF.

Grazing management, agriculture and forestry

Other Carbon Projects

There are several other methods which Select Carbon can assist landholders with under the ERF. Specifically, this includes other agriculturally based and vegetation methods, which Select Carbon considers complementary to inhouse specialist skill sets in our team in grazing management, agriculture and forestry.

carbon farming method beef herd management
Enhancing Livestock Production

Beef Herd Management Method

Cattle naturally emit methane in their breath as a product from fermentation (digestion) of feed in their gut. Methane is a greenhouse gas. The adoption of good management practices, which improve production efficiency, can reduce the amount of methane emitted per unit of production – termed ‘emission intensity’. This method rewards changes in production that lead to a reduction in methane production per unit of production (i.e. an improvement in emissions intensity).  There are many different ways to make these improvements, including nutritional management of the grazing animals, improved reproductive performance, or changes in herd structure.

This method is available to any cattle grazing enterprise. It is more cost effective with larger cattle herds, but different herds can be aggregated to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of delivering a project.

Select Carbon has specialists in grazing systems, cattle production and animal nutrition, and keen to work with livestock and business managers to scope the potential under this methodology, co-design projects that complement existing production systems, and where feasible, monitor, manage and report on the project to earn Australian Carbon Credit Units.

CER Method Details

Protecting Native Forest

Avoided Deforestation

An avoided deforestation project aims to protect native forest through the avoidance of clearing for the purposes of converting the land to agriculture (cropping and/or grazing). Conducting a project under this method is a great alternative for eligible landholders to commence carbon farming as an alternative revenue stream as part of their existing agricultural business.

A project under this method avoids emissions being released when a forest is cleared and instead maintains existing carbon stocks in the vegetation. In addition to avoided emissions, projects also help maintain other forest values such as biodiversity, erosion control and salinity. To be eligible under this method, the participant must meet the following criteria:

  • Do you have land in Australia that covers an area of at least 0.2 hectares, and is dominated by trees that are at least two meters tall and provide crown cover of at least 20 per cent of the land area?
  • Do you have a valid clearing consent issued before 1 July 2010?
  • Does the clearing consent state that clearing is permitted for the purposes of permanently converting the forest to cropland or grassland, not to plantation or settlements?

CER Method Details

avoided deforestation
Building the industry and creating the industry

Method Development

Given our extensive footprint of about 9 million hectares in the rangelands of Australia, and our deep understanding of land use, management and business entities in the farming systems, Select Carbon is committed to see the development of new methods to further increase carbon abatement. To this end, Select Carbon remains active in pursuing new methods via its ongoing research and any assistance where required.

New kid on the block

Blue Carbon

Blue carbon is gaining considerable attention globally, largely due to high sequestration rates and the opportunity to develop projects in areas and regions where current methodologies do not apply.

Select Carbon is a member of the Department of Environment’s (DoE) Blue Carbon Method Working Group, made up of researchers, carbon developers and state government reps keeping abreast of method development and to contribute to the methods fast tracking. The team at Select Carbon is monitoring the development of the proposed method closely. At this stage, a new blue carbon method is expected to be released in 2021.

Please contact Select Carbon staff for any discussion regarding a potential blue carbon project.

blue carbon mangroves

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