GIS Analyst

Alex completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Geography at Curtin University, Western Australia in 2016. In 2019, he returned to University to expand on his technical skillset, completing a Post-Graduate Certificate in Geospatial Intelligence (Geographic Information Science) and is currently completing the Post-Graduate Diploma level of this course, fully online in 2020-21.  

Between University studies, Alex broadened his horizons by spending two 6-month periods in 2017 and 2018 playing cricket, working and travelling around the UK and mainland Europe. He has also spent four summers working on a grain harvest receival site at Narrakine in the Western Australian wheatbelt, gaining great exposure to the agricultural industry of WA and a stronger understanding of the challenges that Australian farmers and landholders face each year. 

With Select Carbon, Alex continues to have the opportunity to fulfill some of his greatest passions which include; having a genuine impact on reducing the adverse effects of climate change, as well as helping to deliver another source of income to the landholders of regional Australia, which undoubtedly means so much for their future businesses and livelihoods. Alex is part of the intrepid GIS Team at Select Carbon which monitors forest cover change on these large-scaled projects over time, with the use of high-resolution satellite imagery and Geographic Information Systems.