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Helping companies develop carbon management plans.

For companies seeking to reduce their carbon footprint and to develop a holistic solution to achieve this. Carbon Farming offers companies various benefits including the creation of real, long term change and commitment to ESG policies.

Innovative Solutions

Carbon Solutions for Corporates

Select Carbon is committed to helping companies develop carbon management plans to minimize their impact on and improve the environment they work and live within. By exploring innovative solutions and taking a holistic approach to the various options available, Select Carbon works with you to measure, reduce and offset greenhouse gas emissions.

Some of the ways in which we action this is by:

selling carbon offsets
Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Selling Offsets or Improving Land Use to Maximise Offsets

As companies seek to reduce their carbon footprint and set emission targets for 2030 and 2050, a key component in reducing emissions will be the purchasing of offsets or using their existing land leases / landholdings as a means to generate offsets.

Select Carbon is one of the leading generators of ACCUs in Australia, with a market dominant position in Western Australia. Select Carbon has the capacity to structure and design carbon offtake agreements tailored to our client’s specific purpose and volume requirement. In addition to this, Select Carbon works closely with resource companies to identify existing opportunities that may exist on their own land to help maximize carbon abatement. Our model is adaptive, dynamic and suited to the requirements of every entity and their offset requirements.

Carbon Trading

Carbon Trading and Marketing

Select Carbon has built deep relationships with purchasers of ACCUs within the secondary market, including many global oil and gas companies as well as resource companies. These relationships include some of the largest emitters in Australia who have a business imperative to acquire ACCUs for their own offsetting requirements.

Over time, Select Carbon has developed its contracting model to suit the needs of the buyers and sellers. This includes offtake agreements, forward contracts, futures contracts and options contracts with varying volumes and market-linked pricing mechanisms. As we are able to structure such contracts for buyers, it also increases the optionality for sellers to sell at suitable structures for them and opens up many avenues to monetize ACCUs. There is an increasingly accepted market view that the secondary market will become the predominant avenue for sale of carbon credits, and Select Carbon is leading the market in developing these relationships.

Select Carbon’s presence in WA and capability and relationships with major resource and oil and gas companies allows it to lead the market in developing bespoke trading and marketing options.

carbon trading
carbon management practices nurture
Carbon Management

Carbon Management Practices

Climate change is an issue of critical importance to business. Many companies are seeking to manage their exposure to climate risks and exploit the growing opportunities through developing a strategic carbon management strategy. It is often difficult to decide how to prioritise actions and to assess which approaches provide the best environmental and financial outcomes.

Select Carbon works with companies to determine what opportunities to prioritize, how to implement them and how to manage carbon liabilities moving forward.. In terms of steps to carbon management, this usually involves setting objectives and assessing all the alternatives available.