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The environmental planting, agroforestry and forestry management methods encourage landowners to establish plantings to develop carbon sinks that complement their business outcomes.

Growing trees, Growing resilience

Plantation Based Projects

Select Carbon believes in the careful integration of trees into the landscape for shelter, wind control and conservation. This plays an important role in building landscape resilience, supporting on-farm income and reducing the impacts of climate change by improving the microclimate for the benefit of animals, pastures and crops. Select Carbon has qualified forestry expertise that can assist with a number of forest carbon projects, including:

The benefits of including shelterbelt plantings as part of an overall grazing system include:

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There are several methods available that focus on Environmental Plantings and Forestry.  Select Carbon can help to identify which may be most suitable for your specific property. Below is a list of methods available, along with a brief description of their eligibility.

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New life cycle

Plantation Forestry

Under the Plantation Forestry Method, a project participant can undertake three activities to be eligible: These include:

  1. establish a new plantation forest on land that has had no plantation forest for seven years
  2. convert a short-rotation plantation to a long-rotation plantation, where the conversion might occur either part-way through the short-rotation plantation cycle, or following harvest of a short-rotation plantation, or
  3. maintain a pre-existing plantation forest that meets the eligibility requirements of the plantation forestry method but was established under another method.

In addition to the above eligible activities,  projects must be located within a National Plantation Inventory region as defined here. As part of registering a project under this method, all participants are also required to seek approval from the Minister of Agriculture to ensure the proposed project doesn’t have any adverse impacts on agricultural production.

CER Method Details

Multi benefit planting

Measurement Based Methods for New Farm Forestry Plantations

This method is ideal for farmers looking to establish agroforestry (harvesting timber) or a permanent planting (no harvesting) on their farm.

To be eligible under this method the landholder needs to ensure the following criteria are met:

  • The area of land being established as a farm forestry project has been used for grazing or cropping, or land that was fallow between grazing or cropping, for at least 5 years prior to project commencement.
  • If harvesting is planned, then a harvesting regime needs to be developed at the commencement of the project. This includes weed control, pruning, harvesting and rotation length.
  • If the project will involve a permanent planting, then the participant needs to ensure that the project can achieve 20% crown cover.

CER Method Details

new farm forestry plantations
plantation project seedlings
Replanting for the environment

Reforestation and Afforestation

If you wish to establish a permanent planting using forest species on previously cleared land, then this method may be for you. In order to be eligible for this method, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • You need to plant seeds of a species capable of achieving forest cover and which will turn into a permanent forest.
  • The land needs to have been used for grazing, cropping or fallow for the last five years

An important component of this method is how the carbon stocks are measured. This method uses direct field measurement of trees to estimate carbon stocks. Tree samples are taken and weighed and allometric equations are used to estimate above ground and below ground carbon stocks.

Select Carbon has trained specialists that can assist with all elements of project design and management, biomass inventory to estimate carbon stocks, and ongoing compliance with the method.

CER Method Details

Natives in the spotlight

Reforestation by Environmental or Mallee Plantings – FullCAM

While very similar to the Reforestation and afforestation method above, this method involves planting and maintaining either trees or shrubs in areas that have previously been used for agriculture. To be eligible for this method, the project participant must meet the following criteria:

  • You are able to plant native species or mallee to establish a permanent planting
  • The land of the proposed project has been cleared of forest cover for at least 5 years.

An important difference with this method is how the carbon stocks are measured. Unlike the Reforestation and afforestation method, carbon stocks under this method are estimated using the simulation model FullCAM.

CER Method Details

carbon farming method reforestation by environmental malle planting

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