HIR Project Manager

Maddy’s love for the rural lifestyle developed during her years growing up on an equine and mixed livestock farm in North Canterbury, New Zealand. In 2023 Maddy chose to relocate to the warmer climate of Brisbane, where she is currently based.

Maddy holds dual bachelor’s degrees in Science and Industrial Product Design from the University of Canterbury. Prior to joining Select Carbon, Maddy served as the head scientist for a horticultural company in New Zealand. In this role, she developed and led a team in the science department, implementing various scientific processes crucial for the successful conversion of a sheep and beef farm into an organic plantation. The nature of this role was highly diverse, providing Maddy with a range of skills related to natural science, business relations, and project management that she can now apply to her role at Select Carbon.

Maddy is excited about the prospects of the carbon sector in Australia, particularly as it relates to the agricultural industry. She is passionate about actively contributing to a carbon-neutral future, as well as aiding landowners in achieving productivity, profitability and restoring crucial ecological processes along the way.

Maddy is a member of the Project Management team and assists with implementation of Human Induced Regeneration and Avoided Deforestation projects across the Southern Rangelands of the East Coast.