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Is carbon farming a good fit for you?

Each carbon farming project is governed by a method approved by the Clean Energy Regulator. Select Carbon can help you work through the requirements to carry out a successful carbon project on your property.

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Strengthen your future on the land

What is Carbon Farming?

The term ‘Carbon Farming’ means using agricultural and land management practices that store/capture carbon in vegetation and soils or reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By using the correct land management practices, farms and pastoral stations can make a significant contribution to ‘net zero’ targets. Individual agricultural business can become carbon neutral, or carbon credits can be traded to other businesses as carbon offsets.  Carbon farming can add a new income stream to landholders and build the profitability and sustainability of your primary production business.

Carbon Farming Methods

Selecting a Method

Each method under the Climate Solution Fund has a set of requirements for participation and goals to be achieved. As part of the requirements, eligible activities to be undertaken as part of the project must enhance the current ‘business as usual’ management and improve carbon sequestration.

Select Carbon can help you navigate the requirements of a particular method to see if it may be suitable.

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What method best suits your property?

The following questions will assist you and Select Carbon to narrow down your options for potential projects.

Your carbon Farming Partner

We love what we do

We have the privilege of working with a diverse group of hard-working landholders, from right around the country. Our dedicated partner landholders are always seeking to apply new knowledge and techniques, take on new challenges and make positive changes for the future.

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Partner With Us

Select Carbon is one of the largest carbon project developers in Australia. Built on the back of strong working relationships with landholders over the past decade, Select Carbon and our project partners continue to build on our commitment to restore and improve landscape function whilst strengthening agricultural practices and assisting in achieving emissions reduction targets.

We love what we do.

Select Carbon staff are passionate about working with landholders to achieve great outcomes for the environment and for their business.  We are privileged to be able to work with such a diverse group of people that are resilient and committed to their project.

This is what makes Select Carbon successful. The diversity not only in our own team, but in the people, we work with and projects we develop as a mosaic across the Australia landscape.

We greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with landholders, investors, researchers and companies.

Please get in touch to have a chat about carbon farming and how it might help you, no matter whether you are managing land, seeking carbon offsets, or interested in ‘net zero’.

Carbon Farming Projects