New Business Development Manager
Sam Anderson

Growing up on the land, Samantha Baldry developed a strong passion and appreciation for livestock and the grazing industry from an early age.

She completed a Bachelor of Agriculture with the University of Melbourne, completing an honours project with the University of New England in her final year.

Her professional career has focused on production and commercial developments within the agricultural industry as well as the practical and economic implementation. From investment management through to regenerative management consulting, and managing a property, she has extensive knowledge and breadth of experience within the agriculture industry.

Sam’s desire to improve management and production with little inputs, using the resources around you, has been the driver that led her to work in the area of soil health and carbon.

Being involved in the soil carbon sector for some years now, Samantha has assisted a number of producers to improve their soil health and participate in one of Australia’s fastest developing markets: carbon. She joins Select Carbon with enthusiasm and drive to scope, develop and support agricultural and rangeland carbon projects.