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All your carbon farming needs in one place.

We empower Australian farmers and landowners to adopt innovative land management practices that make a difference, both to the environment and to their business bottom line. It’s part of our unwavering commitment to be a part of the solution to climate change and reducing Australia’s net carbon emissions, whilst supporting regional businesses and communities.

Our Story

We specialise in developing and aggregating carbon farming projects throughout Australia.

Founded in 2010, Select Carbon is an innovative environmental services company that
specialises in developing and aggregating carbon farming projects throughout

With a proven track record partnering with landholders, we have experience in   developing, monitoring and reporting on a broad range of carbon sequestration projects across Australia that are currently participating in the Federal Government’s Emissions
Reduction Fund and other carbon offset markets. These projects encompass
millions of hectares Australia wide.

We work with methodologies approved by the Clean Energy Regulator to help
Australian farmers and landowners create Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs)
from land-based carbon projects.


We are committed to the long-term goal of increasing carbon sequestration in
vegetation and soil to reduce Australia’s net carbon emissions, in a way that
aligns business, environmental and social outcomes. We support improvements in
land management, whilst also helping landowners to diversify their income
streams to build more resilient businesses.

In October 2020, Shell Australia acquired 100% of Select Carbon. Learn more about Shell’s investment in nature-based solutions here.

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Our DNA drives us

Our Vision

Our vision, purpose and values, our ‘DNA’, is our organisation’s way of life. We embrace, reinforce and live by them to deliver successful projects, overcome challenges, lead change and evolve.


Powerhouse Team

Our team are highly specialised, and have a unique mix of expertise in agriculture, pastoral systems, forestry, ecology, remote sensing, GIS and commerce.

“Everyone we’ve dealt with from Select Carbon has been highly motivated to make it a success.”

Toby Nichols 2020

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Success Stories

Real life inspiration from people like you. See how others are benefiting from Carbon Farming.

“The opportunity to have a partner in carbon has allowed it to be more viable – rehabilitation is now possible.”

Don Maasdorp

What makes us different?

Widespread experience and expertise

We are one of the largest carbon project managers within Australia, with widespread experience and expertise across different production systems and landscapes, from intensive mixed farming to the rangelands.

Farm Management

Management and production support supported by a team that combines practical on-ground know-how with underpinning scientific knowledge. Our staff profile ensures we have people with farm management experience, business and consulting experience, and scientific R&D expertise.

Scientific Research and Development

We work with landowners through a science-based approach to improve productivity, profitability and sustainability in agricultural and soil systems. Our decision-making is backed by research and industry experience.

Remote Sensing and Mapping

With a highly experienced spatial analysis, remote sensing and GIS team, we provide clients with tailored solutions to develop and implement  practices and monitoring to successfully achieve the specific objectives for your project.

Complementary Carbon Farming

Identifying ways for carbon farming to fully complement other farm production enterprises.

Project Management

Complete management of your project from feasibility to the final reporting period. This includes steps such as audits and offset reports, as well as the sampling rounds. We combine desk-top analysis with on-ground work, always looking to support the practical implementation of your project.

Finance & Trading

Working with our partners we assist in the trading and sales of carbon credits generated by your project. We work to tailor the marketing of your carbon credits to suits your needs. We are experienced in selling carbon credits via government contracts and the secondary (non-government) market, either via the spot market, or via more complex and longer-term contracts with large businesses.

Your carbon Farming Partner

Help when you need it

We know carbon farming is a long and sometimes complex journey. That’s why we support our customers across every stage of their carbon farming project.

Yes, we do all the hard work for you, so you can focus on your core agricultural business.

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See what Select Carbon can do for you

We are committed to working with you to understand the complexity of your business and individual needs. Together, we develop a process to implement a carbon farming strategy customised to your unique situation and vision.

Some of our services include:

For more information or to start the process please

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