Select Carbon works pro-actively to prevent negative impacts of business activities and to establish good relationships with clients and communities.

Sometimes we may fall short of expectations, and we welcome feedback and will work to resolve complaints.

Select Carbon is committed to addressing complaints in a fair, efficient and transparent way through a comprehensive monitoring, tracking and close-out process. 

This information outlines how you can provide feedback or make a complaint.

When can I make a complaint or give feedback?

You may contact Select Carbon at any time to provide feedback or lodge a complaint, though acknowledgment of complaints will be provided during business hours.

How can I make a complaint or give feedback?

You may make a complaint or give feedback in writing or verbally. The avenues for you to contact Select Carbon to lodge a complaint or give feedback are:

  • Phone number: 0428 626 079
  • Email address:
  • By post: GPO Box A47 CDC, Perth WA 6837
  • Or directly to your Select Carbon project manager

To assist us to respond quickly and efficiently to a complaint, please ensure you provide as many details as possible, including your contact details, issue/s being raised and any relevant documentation, along with an indication of your desired outcome.

What is the process after I lodge a complaint or give feedback?

  • We will perform an investigation and work to resolve the complaint, following Select Carbon’s internal Feedback and Complaints Mechanism Procedure, and in line with the  Australian Carbon Industry Code of Conduct (Code). Where a complaint can be resolved simply, information will be provided back to you on the action we will take to resolve. Where a complaint is more complex, it may involve internal escalation to senior staff or people with appropriate expertise to assist in determining an appropriate resolution.
  • We may contact you to ask for further details or to be involved in the resolution process where required. Updates on the status of your complaint may be provided upon request.
  • In most cases, you can expect feedback on the outcome of your complaint within 21 days. You will be advised if additional time is required to provide you with an outcome of your complaint (up to 45 days from your initial complaint).

How will my complaint data be handled?

Your data will be handled in line with Select Carbon's privacy notices. As Select Carbon are a Code signatory, you can expect the Code Administrator will be provided some de-identified data on the complaint, including the existence of a complaint or where extra time of up to 45 days from the initial complaint has been required to investigate the complaint.

What happens if I am not satisfied with the outcome?

If you lodge a complaint and are dissatisfied with the outcome, you may ask Select Carbon to review the resolution and/or in line with the Code, you can escalate the complaint to the Code Administrator. The Code Administrator Complaints Handling Procedure can be found here.


Below are the definitions that we use for our complaints and feedback:

ComplaintA complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction with the company or its activities where a response or resolution is explicitly or implicitly expected. Complaints may stem from real or perceived issues. They typically refer to a specific impact or seek a specific solution.
FeedbackFeedback is information or criticism about how a stakeholder perceives our activities. Feedback can be positive or negative. Unlike a complaint, feedback does not normally require a specific resolution.