Emily Wilson (Project Officer) 

Several of our east coast team had the opportunity to attend Beef Australia’s triennial Beef Week 2021 hosted in Rockhampton in May. As the largest agricultural show in the southern hemisphere, Beef Week involves an entire week jam-packed with field days, educational seminars, agricultural demonstrations, stalls upon stalls of agricultural companies, networking events, and of course delicious beef dishes.   

Of interest was emerging technologies relevant to the carbon and agricultural industry, such as developments in utilizing satellite mapping to provide information on land productivity – an aspect which relates to soil carbon. A highlight was attending a farm tour on a property using time-controlled grazing to successfully increase production while protecting and restoring the environmental capacity of the land. Key factors contributing to their success was good support from mentors and neighbouring farms, the use of consultants for advice, management that is appropriate to country type and continuing to build on their knowledge base. It was inspiring to see such a successful example of regenerative agriculture in action..   

The most exciting take-away from the week was feeling the palpable excitement and positivity surrounding carbon opportunities in beef producers, who are particularly well-suited to methods such as soil carbon and beef herd.  The team left with sore feet, hoarse voices, heads full of ideas, and the vision and drive to go forth and cement Select Carbon’s position as a leader within Australia’s carbon industry.