1. What happens if I have a fire, flood or drought?
Natural events are unavoidable and you will not be liable for any short term losses of carbon. This is because it is expected that the carbon stock will recover with proper ongoing management so that over the longer term there is no loss of carbon. Select Carbon also recommends you maintain at least a 20% buffer to cover uncontrollable events.

2. Do I have to include all my land?
No. You get to determine how much and which land will be in a project. It is advisable to leave out risky areas and areas which cannot be measured due to terrain or topography.

3. Do I have to pay anything upfront?
No. Select Carbon incurs all costs associated with establishing a new carbon farming project. Landowners who partner with Select Carbon do not have to pay anything until the carbon credits earned by their project have been sold and paid to them.

4. When do I receive my first income?
Once ACCUs have been delivered and transferred from your ANREU account to the Clean Energy Regulator account, you will be paid at the price agreed to at auction and set out in your contract.

5. Do I have to sell the ACCUs when I register them?
No. After listing, they are like a share and can be held or sold.

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