HIR Project Manager
Nathan Moore

Nathan first became involved with Select Carbon as a science student in early 2016, volunteering his time to undertake field work in the rangeland areas of NSW and QLD. Since that time Nathan has become heavily involved in the ongoing management and field monitoring programs of Select Carbon’s projects in Western NSW, QLD and the recent expansion of projects in Western Australia.

Working from an early age in the family nursery Nathan developed skills and knowledge in horticulture, agriculture, commercial landscaping and natural landscape restoration. Later becoming involved in a range of projects from Charleville to Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

The growth of carbon projects in Australia aligned well with an interest in restoring landscape function and the need to increase rural community development as a Charleville local. Nathan’s interest in climate science created an opportunity to work with landholders, potentially allowing increased productivity and the ability to generate supplementary streams of revenue in rural areas.

Nathan is based in Brisbane to support projects on both sides of the country and to further develop project opportunities. Nathan holds a Bachelor of Environmental Science from the Central Queensland University, focusing on Land Management through the study of ecology, botany, biology, geology and climate science.