HIR Project Manager

Kathryn is passionate about supporting pastoralists and farmers to achieve maximum carbon credits whilst benefiting the environment and biodiversity through best practice regenerative land practices.

Kathryn has completed a Masters of Environmental Science, a Post-graduate diploma in Ecologically Sustainable Development and is currently undertaking studies in Carbon and Energy management. Her love of learning is reflected in her approach to stay up-to-date with the latest information on the emerging trends and legislation in the carbon sector.

Prior to joining Select Carbon, Kathryn worked for a biodiversity trust, working with Traditional Owners, land managers, government agencies and specialist groups to achieve strong outcomes for biodiversity in the arid regions. Kathryn has previously worked for the Department of Premier and Cabinet on conservation strategies and for Perth NRM on their strategic plan.

Kathryn is passionate about working with landholders to listen to their ideas and knowledge of land systems and work with them, through complex and evolving legislative frameworks, to achieve the best possible results for the landholder, the environment and for the resilience of the land to changing and challenging situations.

Kathryn brings a strength in:

Working with multiple stakeholders


Fire management

Strategic planning

Kathryn aims to work with land holders to achieve optimal, long-term results for income generation for landholders whilst simultaneously improving the biodiversity and carbon sequestration of the land.