GIS Data Analyst
Emma Gray

Dr Emma Gray's background is in ecological science, but nowadays she can be more accurately described as a data scientist. At Select Carbon she undertakes GIS and data analysis to monitor forest cover change over time.

Her previous works includes:
– PhD research (Macquarie University in Sydney) with fieldwork across savannas in Australia, South Africa and Brazil, investigating how plant species have developed adaptations to different environmental factors including climate, fire and herbivory;
– Masters research (University of Cape Town) on how vegetation change in savanna areas impacts soil carbon stocks and biodiversity;
– Monitoring long term environmental change research at the South African Environmental Observation Network
– Data analyst for the NSW Department of Education
– Data scientist for business intelligence company Ixio Analytics
– Analyst for the Western Australian Economic Regulation Authority.

Select Carbon lured her back into the environmental sector, where her unique blend of ecological expertise and statistical proficiency helps to maintain the high standard of reporting that Select Carbon prides itself on.

Emma’s formal qualifications include an Honours in Zoology, a Masters in Botany, and a PhD in Biological Sciences.