Soil Carbon Project Developer

Emily Wilson grew up in the city of Melbourne, but has always had a keen interest in agriculture and is passionate about environmental health and sustainability.

Emily completed a double degree in a Bachelor of Agriculture/Bachelor of Laws at the University of New England.  During her degree she travelled to the University of Wyoming in America where she studied different aspects of agriculture and soil science.

Prior to joining Select Carbon Emily has worked in a variety of agricultural industries, including grain harvests in northern NSW, cattle stations in the Kimberley, and with livestock in central Victoria.

Emily is a member of the soil carbon team at Select Carbon, where she will assist with the implementation and operation of various projects. Emily brings with her a combination of hands-on experience on farms, agricultural knowledge, and enthusiasm, as well as offering a legal perspective on different aspects of the soil carbon industry.  She is committed to ensuring soil carbon projects are run in partnership with landholders to enhance both their business model and the ecological and carbon potential of their farm.