New Business Project Developer
Clinton Ayers

Clinton completed his studies in Farm Business Management at Marcus Oldham College in Victoria before working his way across Queensland, the Northern Territory and Western Australia. He has owned and operated his own family farms in Wagin and Arthur River in Western Australia for 30 years. The farms were mixed enterprises, with a focus and passion on producing Merino wool whilst building the perennial grass base and soil carbon. He was a key founding member of the ‘Bugs and Biology’ producer group.

Clint has worked on pastoral properties in the Pilbara, Gascoyne and Murchison region, and brings an extensive experience in pastoral cattle management. He has worked on a station-wide project in the Murchison/Gascoyne region to improve water retention, grass cover, water infiltration and soil health. And he has been involved in setting up cattle backgrounding operations and working to link pastoral turn-off to backgrounding and finishing in the agricultural regions.

Clinton is motivated to help land managers to become more profitable, lower their risks, and build the natural capital of their land through grazing management. He brings a high level of practical livestock management and whole-farm and whole-station management to the Select Carbon team