The Challenge
Mr Lindsay Newton decided not to clear native forest in return to establish an Avoided Deforestation project and creating a long-term income stream from carbon credits.
The Location
Bourke NSW
The Method
Avoided Deforestation
The Outcome
Select Carbon was able to quantify and verify the carbon stored in the vegetation, reporting this data to the government to claim carbon credits. The landholder also decided to participate in a ERF Auction and managed tosecure a 10-year contract to sell carbon credits the Emissions Reduction Fund.The Mount Oxley Native Forest Protection project aims to avoid emissions being released by protecting 7,279 hectares of native forests from planned deforestation. The native forest could be lawfully cleared under the authority of the Property Vegetation Plan (PVP), which the landowner has had since 2008.

The project follows strict guidelines as set out in the Avoided Deforestation Methodology under the Emissions Reduction Fund.

Landowner Mr Lindsay Newton attained the clearing permit with the aim of clearing large areas of native forest to increase grazing capacity and grass cover to feed stock. However, since hearing about carbon farming, Mr Newton made the decision not to clear the vegetation in return for a long-term income stream from carbon credits.

Under the Emissions Reduction Fund, Mr Newton is eligible to receive carbon credits due to avoiding deforestation and agreeing to keep carbon stored in native vegetation for perpetuity.

Mount Oxley Native Forest Protection - Avoid deforestation