Select Carbon is proud to be a Foundation Signatory to the Australian Carbon Industry Code of Conduct.

The Carbon Industry Code of Conduct is a voluntary code that has been developed to support and guide companies that are undertaking carbon projects under the Emissions Reduction Fund and other Voluntary Offset Schemes. 

The key aims are to promote market integrity, consumer protection and appropriate interaction with project stakeholders, including Native Title Holders, representative bodies, land managers and project owners.

Overseen by the independent peak industry body, the Carbon Market Institute (CMI), the code helps to address issues within the industry as well as uphold the reputation and promote leadership on an international scale.

The signatories agree to meet the minimum requirements of this code through all stages of a carbon project. They will be monitored, and compliance reviewed to ensure all participating businesses continue to operate professionally and in accordance with the code requirements. More information on the Australian Carbon Industry Code of Conduct can be found here.