What is the Emissions Reduction Fund?

The Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) is a voluntary offset program established by the Australian Government that provides new economic opportunities for farmers, forest growers and landholders. The program aims to help the environment by reducing the levels of carbon pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere.

One of the benefits of undertaking a Carbon Farming project that participates in the ERF, includes the potential to earn an income through the sale of Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs). One ACCU is generated for each tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2-e) stored or avoided by a project. ACCUs may be sold to generate additional income, either to the Government through a Carbon Abatement Contract or to other entities that have a requirement to offset greenhouse gas emissions produced by their operations.

To be eligible to participate in an Emissions Reduction Fund project, it must be conducted according to an approved method. Approved methods include all those outlined and encompassed by the Emissions Reduction Fund.

Note: Previously this program was known as the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI), however as of July 1, 2015 it transitioned into the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF).

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